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SkyFlash Project has an important role in dissemination activities among space community and more in general against scientific community. According to the EC policy the knowledge gained during the project must be delivered in order to guarantee a significative progress in the european union. The Consortium agrees in such policy and as far it's viable efforts are and will be spent to deliver this knowledge.


SkyFlash Project is linked with:

REA. http://http://ec.europa.eu/rea/index_en.htm/

Spartan Project. http://www.spartanproject.eu/

In this page are listed some reference to workshops, symposia and meeting where SkyFlash has been presented under the flag of the European Union.


  • 2013 September 23-2013 September 27

    A Radiation Hardened by Design Charge Pump for Flash Memories

    Valentino Liberali presented “A Radiation Hardened by Design Charge Pump for Flash Memories”, G. Bellotti, V. Liberali, A. Stabile, S. Gregori. The presentaion was about charge pump voltage multiplier for programming flash memories for space designed in a commercial CMOS 180nm using RHBD techniques.

  • 2013 July 26

    SkyFlash is now on ECOWEB

    ECOWEB (www.ecoweb.info) is a “Gateway to European Eco-Innovations". It provides information on European eco-innovations, including technologies, applications, products, processes and other solutions from Framework Programme, CIP and LIFE+ projects.

    SkyFlash has been identified as a project suited to be displayed in ECOWEB because it is focused on the reduction of European dependence on critical technologies, on the availability of ITAR-free technologies and on the increase of opportunities for European SMEs and manufacturers.


  • 2013 July 10

    Università della Calabria, Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informatica e Sistemistica

    "SkyFlash FP7 Project".

    Cristiano Calligaro, RedCat Devices.

    Campus di Arcavacata — via Pietro Bucci — 87036 Arcavacata di Rende (CS)

  • 2013 April 22

    Seminars at The Svedberg Laboratory, Uppsala

    "SkyFlash FP7 Project. Design of Radiation Hardened Charge Pumps."

    Prof. Valentino Liberali — University of Milano — Dept. of Physics

    Svedberg Laboratory, Uppsala


  • 2013 April 22

    Seminars at The Svedberg Laboratory, Uppsala

    "SkyFlash FP7 Project. Architecture for a Radiation Hardened 1Mbit S-Flash Memory for Space Applications."

    Anna Arbat Casas, Ph.D. RedCat Devices, Milano Italy

    Svedberg laboratory, Uppsala


  • 2013 April 8

    Lecture at University of Jyvaskyla

    "SkyFlash FP7 Project."

    Cristiano Calligaro — RedCat Devices

    University of Jyvaskyla — Finland

  • 2012 December 9-2012 December 12

    "SkyFlash EC Project: Architecture for a 1Mbit S-Flash for Space Applications".

    Anna Arbat Casas, RedCat Devices.

    Seville Spain

  • 2012 October 29-2012 October 31

    "Radiation Effects in Advanced Technologies".

    A. Paccagnella, University of Padova.

    Sao Jose Do Campos, Brasil (Presentation available under request)

  • 2012 June 15

    "SkyFlash 262890 Project".

    Cristiano Calligaro, RedCat Devices.

    Palazzo Pirelli, Sala Pirelli, via Flizi 22 — Milano (presentation available on CESTEC web site)

  • 2012 May 29

    "SkyFlash 262890 Project".

    Cristiano Calligaro, RedCat Devices.

    Auditorium, via Rieti — Roma (presentation available on ASI web site)

  • 2012 March 29

    "Memorie non volatili di tipo Flash per applicazioni spaziali".

    Cristiano Calligaro, RedCat Devices.

    Sala Volta, via Indipendenza 11 — Pavia (presentation available only under request)

  • 2011 October 19

    "Reliable Electronics for radiation environment”.

    Cristiano Calligaro, RedCat Devices.

    Department of Physics, University of Milano, Aula Caldirola, via Celoria 16 — Milano