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SkyFlash Final Review Meeting

28th February 2014, EU-funded SkyFlash project will officially come to an end and the consortium will meet to discuss final results and future activities.

28th February 2014, EU-funded SkyFlash project will officially come to an end.

SkyFlash Consortium will meet for the final review with project officer and technical reviewer to present final results and discuss about future exploitation activities and possible future development’s oppurtunities and projects where SkyFlash’s results could be the start point.

Here the SkyFlash 3rd review meeting agenda.


Time Topic Presenter
10:00 Opening of the review meeting Project Officer


Introduction to the project and specific objectives in RP3.


Detailed feedback on WP6.

Technical presentation on RC27F1024SKY6 and RC28F1024SKY1

CC From OTP to NVM.

JG Bandgap Library.


Detailed feedback on WP7.

Third testing campaign results (TID and SEE).

JG Bandgap Testing (TID and SEE).

APA X-Ray/HI Tests.

CC Charge Loss from TID and SEE.

12:00 Q&A session All
12:15 Lunch

Detailed feedback on WP1, WP8 and WP9.

Dissemination Activities and development of the project website

13:30 Q&A session All

Consortium management tasks and achievements.

List of project meetings, dates and venues.

Project planning and status.

Explanation of the use of resources.

14:00 Q&A session All
14:15 SkyFlash: What's next?

VL AHDL model for NVM.

CC Embedded and standalone NVM.

14:45 Internal discussion on preliminary conclusions on the review between REA project officer and reviewer

Project officer

Technical Reviewer

15:15 Coffee Break
15:30 Feedback of preliminary review conclusions from the reviewer

Project officer

Technical Reviewer
15:45 Defining list of actions and deadlines Project Officer
15:55 Wrap-up of review meeting Project Officer
16:00 End of meeting



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