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September 2013 Newsletter

Newsletter of September 2013 presents gamma test of University of Santiago De Compostela and proton test of University of Padova on bandgap of University of Cyprus; presentation  of Valentino Liberali, University of Milano, at RADECS 2013; RC27F1024SKY5 to be bonded and possible dates for testing.

RADESC 2013—University of Milano.

Oxford, UK, 23rd—27th September

Valentino Liberali presented “A Radiation Hardened by Design Charge Pump for Flash Memories”, G. Bellotti, V. Liberali, A. Stabile, S. Gregori. The presentaion was about charge pump voltage multiplier for programming flash memories for space designed in a commercial CMOS 180nm using RHBD techniques.

Gamma test on the bandgap of University of Cyprus.

University of Santiago De Compostela, 30th September 2013

University of Sanitago De Compostela tested the bandgap of University of Cyprus on 30th September 2013. Tesing results will be presented in the next newsletter.

Proton test on the bandgap of University of Cyprus

University of Padova, 4th October 2013

University of Padova performed a 3-MeV proton irradiation on bandgap of University of Cyprus for a fluence of 1.47E12/cm2 which delivered both DD and TID for an equivalent dose of about 2 Mrad(Si). Testing session showed a modest radiation effects and a good tolerance of circuits to radiation damage, even in case of a heavy irradiation.


RC27F1024SKY5 has been delivered by the manufacturer Tower Semiconductor to RedCat Devices headquarter. The dice are going to be bonded by the packaging house and as soon as possible RC27F1024SKY5 will be ready for tests.

Possible dates for new testing sessions

5th-8th November, Uppsala: proton test on SKY5.

6th November, Padova: heavy ion test on SKY5.

25th-27th November, Jyvaskyla: heavy ion test on SKY5.

16th-20th December, Santiago de Compostela: gamma tests on Sky5.




News - Published: 17/10/2013 -