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The Svedberg Laboratory (TSL), founded in 1986, is an accelerator facility belonging to Uppsala University. TSL staff includes 20 persons, of whom 6 persons have Ph.D. degree in nuclear physics. The heart of the laboratory is the Gustaf Werner cyclotron that delivers beams of charged particles, from protons to highly charged xenon ions, to different beam lines and irradiation facilities. The main activity of the laboratory is proton treatment of cancer patients, regulated by an agreement between Uppsala University Hospital and Uppsala University. The agreement includes also medical research programmes. Irradiations for testing of electronic systems, semiconductor components and detector equipment are performed with proton and neutron beams, the latter provided either by the recently built ANITA facility (Atmospheric-like Neutrons from thIck TArget) or by the quasi-monoenergetic neutron facility (QMN). TSL irradiation facilities are available for users from science and industry during 42 weeks per year (2009). Most of irradiations are performed in the framework of international projects. More than 500 users from 17 countries all over the world has visited the laboratory and performed experiments with TSL beams during the past years. Scientists from more than 15 universities and research centers collaborate with TSL in areas of nuclear data measurements, detector development and calibrations, and radiation effects in electronics. As an example, TSL beams were used for testing of electronics for the LHC accelerator complex at CERN. Large groups of users come from aerospace, semiconductor, and telecommunication industries. Examples of TSL’s industrial partners are: Cisco Systems, BAE Systems, Thales, Infineon, Cypress, Saab, Goodrich, Tellabs, QinetiQ, and many more.



Alexander Prokofiev received the M.S. degree in nuclear physics from the Leningrad State Polytechnical University, Russia, in 1987. From 1987 to 2000 he worked in V.G. Khlopin Radium Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia, as Engineer-Physicist (1987-1993), Junior Research Scientist (1993-1997), and Staff Research Scientist (1997-2000). Emigrated to Sweden in 2000 by invitation from Uppsala University. In 2001, received Ph.D. degree in nuclear physics from Department of Neutron Research, Uppsala University. From 2001 to 2003, held postdoctoral position at TSL, oriented to research and development projects with high-energy particle beams. From 2003 to 2007, worked as Senior Research Engineer at TSL, with responsibility for TSL irradiation facilities, including development, construction, and characterisation of new beam facilities for science and industry. In 2005, received Associate Professor degree from Uppsala University. From 2008 and until recent time, holds the position of Staff Research Scientist at TSL. From 2010, holds the position of Deputy Director of TSL. He is the leader of Irradiation Facilities group at TSL. The group consists of five scientists and engineers who conduct research and development projects at accelerated beams of high-energy protons and neutrons, in cooperation with numerous user groups from universities, research centers, and industry (aerospace, semiconductor, telecommunication, and others). Main research interests are high-energy particle beam metrology and standards, novel radiation detectors, radiation effects in electronic components and systems, natural radiation environments. He has authored or co-authored about one hundred research papers, published in international journals and conference proceedings.


Alexander Prokofiev, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. in applied nuclear physics Deputy Laboratory Director — Irradiation Facilities.


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