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The SkyFlash Project

SkyFlash Project aims to develop a strong rad hard by design (RHBD) methodology for the realization of non volatile flash memories based on standard CMOS 180nm processes using memory cells based on floating trap ONO (Oxide-Nitride-Oxide) approach (Flash memories).

The methodology will be focused on environments affected by radiation due to protons, electrons and high energy ions (heavy ions) such as low and high orbits (satellites) or deep space (probes).


The main target of SkyFlash Project is to define a Rad-Hard By Design(RHBD) CMOS roadmap for NVMs development in order to enable space community to have a reference on how to use a standard CMOS process for space applications.


The secondary target is to obtain a prototype (e.g. 1Mbit Rad-HardFlash Memory) in order to validate the overall approach (Implementation).


The third target is to share this knowledge with space community (Dissemination and Exploitation).